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Seeing the Beauty

3 Aug

Two weeks ago I was in beautiful Anchorage Alaska. It is stunningly beautiful there, before you’ve even landed there is this out the window:


Drive down the road and you might see this:20150718_105713

Take a tram up to a ski area and you can see this:20150718_123034

Or hike another ski area for this:20150720_182914_Pano

I loved it there.

This weekend I drove up to Woodstock Illinois. Farming country. I drove through Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois and it mostly looked like this:


Two weeks apart, very different worlds. I got to thinking how beautiful this is also. Rolling fields, corn and other crops in rows, farms where people work hard, little towns where folks know each others families.

The beauty and preciousness of this experience of life is everywhere if we’re looking for it. And nowhere if we’re not.

Same with abundance, love, joy, wisdom, etc. It’s not simply what you see is what you get, choice matters, what you choose to see is what you get. If you are looking for proof that you’re broke, well I’m sure that proof exists. Even for someone much much more financially wealthy than I. If you are looking for evidence that you live in abundance, that exists as well.

This is not magical thinking or a surface level feel-good hippy delusion. It’s real. Or, it is as real as you are willing to commit to. It’s true that somewhere with big mountains will likely always be my preference, but I am also committed to seeing the blessing where I am at. I can hold both of those things simultaneously. I can’t imagine how miserable the last 10+ years of my life would have been if I hadn’t reconciled with the no mountains midwest and found something to appreciate!

That’s that. Find that good where you’re at. Appreciate the wisdom, joy, love, abundance, beauty that is present right now. It is the fastest way to happiness and to get more.

Speaking of more, this is from Sunday evening on the way home:


Oh yes, the world is a amazing place.

Travel on!

PS After a 4 hour Alaska mountain hike, my feet enjoyed this COLD mountain stream.




27 Apr

Yes, I am back. For a while there I was having some pretty fun blog ideas, but I was making myself do homework instead, then when the term was over I had fallen out of the habit. A touch of hectic life and writers block smooshed together.

This weekend had originally been scheduled to have many things going on, and I was and continue to be grateful that there was some cancellations that happened. So even though there is this and that on my list, I decided that I really needed to take the time to head over to Creative Nectar Studio for some process painting. I have talked about the process and a previous experience here. Part of the adventure is to be open and not try to think ahead what I might paint or what it ‘should’ be.

As we began I chose some colors and stood before my paper open to where to start, as the paint first touched down I immersed in the flower that was emerging. Stephanie came around to check on everyone and I said to her, ‘Today I needed to paint something beautiful.’ As she left it really resonated with me how true that was. There is some not so pretty things going on in my world, and I needed that freshness, the life.

The thought of putting words on paintings is a little risque and exhilarating but it became clear to me that the blue paint I had not touched yet was there for words. So I started with Today is for… beauty and I went on from there adding words as I painted. When Stephanie came around again, i told her that this was my manifesto for the day, and then for every day. I realized that I really needed to take a day, now that some of the hectic stuff is paused for a moment to just choose to not engage it the stuff that stresses me. I emailed someone I was supposed to have a phone call with and said, I just need to take a day when I’m not thinking about this topic. And it was OK to ask for that. I am not advocating ignoring important things that need to be handled, but just that it’s ok, for me, today, to just not. To take a day off. To paint, to write a blog, to hang out with a friend, to goof off. I might even do some homework and email responding. I’m choosing to ignore for the day the things that must be done that annoy me and know I will handle it with more grace tomorrow.

How refreshing.

So here’s my painting:

There are other little insights that happened along the way, but that’s enough for now. Time to chill.



In the eye of the beholder?

25 Jul

I was out on the Unity Village golf course today playing a few holes since it’s been too hot to be out there lately. (for those of you who didn’t know I played, that’s because it’s a recent development. )

Of course I can’t help myself and take pretty pictures of the sunset through

the pecan grove.

Then I looked over at the main campus and, as often happens, was washed over

with joy and awe of how beautiful it is.

But that got me thinking, is it beautiful because on my emotional connection to this place? Is the architecture nice but only is stunning to me because it is the symbol of my homeland and is the backdrop for a countless ever-growing pile of memories?

The tower itself, at night, is lit just right to cut a hard line against the soft night sky that

is powerful and strong. I love looking t it and photographing it. The high arches and open observation deck, mysterious and unique.

In a study, scientists discovered that people like what’s familiar. That makes sense, we are drawn to things that feel comfortable, we avoid that which looks, sounds or feels different.

But I”m not completely sold. I think our emotional attachment has a role to play as well.  Who hasn’t been ‘asked’ to look at photos (or videos) of someone’s grandkids. It doesn’t matter what that kid looks like, they are the cutest baby in the world and probably has features that ‘look just like  so and so.’ Even right after being born, the emotional attachment of the adult is where the cuteness comes from.

Maybe I see the beauty of the Village because I’m emotionally attached, maybe it’s  because it is very very familiar.

Or, maybe it’s not just me…

Be Beautiful!


PS here is the fountains with a rainbow from this morning.