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Where are you living?

3 Jul

I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker today. He has a tough but potentially amazing journey ahead and I had overheard him telling someone about it. I mentioned that maybe he could focus on what a once in a lifetime chance this was, the kind of thing you do when you’re young. A story to tell the grandkids.

He was receptive to my point and we were exchanging more on the topic when I said what many of us have heard before. “We all have to travel through the darkness, but you don’t have to build your condo there.” then I added “why don’t you build it in gratitude and let that be the thing you center around.” Wait. Yeah, I just said that.

“We all have to travel the darkness but you don’t have to build your condo there. Why don’t you build it in gratitude and let that be the thing you center around.”

They say that most car accidents happen within 25 miles of the home. I think that’s because it’s where you spend most of your time so there’s a probability thing going on there. The point is that we spend time near our home and at our home. We go to the bank, post office, grocery and other stores, gas station, work, church, etc. We may also visit a museum, library, theatre, park, sporting event, restaurant, or friend’s house. We do our selection¬†of activities and then we return home. If we decide we don’t like the place we’re living, we move. That may effect which stores etc. that we frequent, it may not.home

I’m here to suggest the same model of awareness for ourselves. Where is home? You and I know people whose home seems to be a dark and stormy place. We also probably know people whose home is sadness, anger, peace, joy and more.

So my question is where are you living? Where is your homebase and is it where you would ideally like it to be? Having feelings is normal and healthy. Just as you might visit go on a trip for a week or two, you might be camping out in a ¬†feeling(s) for a while. That’s healthy. Like I said at the beginning, it’s not about where you visit, it’s about where you live.

What ideas, feelings and principles do you use to guide your life? Safety or fear? Abundance or lack? Joy or impending doom? Victimhood or gratitude? Now let’s not start getting judgmental about ourselves, but instead use this awareness as a tool. If you want to move your homebase, you have to know it first and now you do! Yeay congratulations.

How? Well, just like any move, you have to pack up the stuff you want to keep, throw out what you don’t want to keep and possibly take several trips to your new neighborhood. Then you have to settle in to the new place. Unpack, hang your pictures, figure out the best way to get to your favorite places to visit. It can take a while. Be patient.

I have noticed when I have had a shift in how I see or do one thing (my house), it changes all sorts of other things (the routes). It can be a touch confusing, but roll with it, be curious, be open, be aware. Hopefully you’ll find your new center of being serves you well. If not… well… time to pack.

Peace for your journey, Ra

PS Sometimes it’s also about choosing what the centering idea is for a particular situation like my coworker’s new adventure. While there will be all sorts of high and low experiences, decide what the underlying theme is and you’re well on your way.