perspectives while driving

5 Nov

My mom lives on a squiggly road. Those of you who have spent any time where ravines, bodies of water and large hills are scattered about like a giant’s playthings know what I mean. The road from where my mom lives to the next town where the Unity church and the beach are located is 18 miles long though it is only about 10 if you could go direct. 

The thing about driving on squiggly roads is that you have to keep quite alert to every moment of the driving. There is no using cruise control and you have to coordinate sips from your coffee to the few straight stretches. Those few straight stretches are also the only place to pass a driver going slower than you would like to go. I admit my first drives down that road were slower than the 50 MPH speed limit, and I’m sure folks wanted to pass me as I was getting used to which turns were how tight. 

Certainly it was always a practice of mindfulness, but not always in the same way. When I was behind an RV or delivery truck, I noticed that my focus would shift. If we were going only 35, I would notice different things. I could see the orange house nestled up on the hill that was way out of my field of vision when zooming by at 50. I could notice more about the fences that I wrote about previously.



And so it became a practice of mindfulness. Not “how soon can I get out from behind this slowpoke?!” but “what is there for me to see today?” I can tell you it is much less stressful to focus on what there is to see than the few minutes later I’ll arrive. Who knows, maybe you’ll see an orange house, or a grove of trees, or someone riding horseback. (insert your own city/suburb version here) You all know what I’m saying so I’ll be brief and sign off with:

Stop and smell the roses, see the wonder that is in front of you. Turn a delay into a delight.

With love,



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