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Fences and the law of attraction

8 Aug

I’ve been seeing a lot of fences lately. Wood fences, metal fences, wooden posts with wire fencing, electrified, temporary, broken and more.

If you’re wondering where I’m going, it’s here:


Out here on my mom’s land, we’ve reclaimed some brush area to be pasture for the alpacas. One of the very important parts of creating a pasture is having the right kind of fence. And so, all of a sudden, I’m seeing a lot of fences. As we’re driving around I have become a sponge soaking up all the different types of fences, how they are constructed, and how many t-posts are between the wooden posts.

This got me thinking about the Law of Attraction. The basic teaching of which is like attracts like. That thoughts and actions create our reality. It’s true, to a point.

My sudden fascination with fences did not make the hundreds of miles of fences crossing Coos county Oregon appear. No, my fascination meant that I noticed them in a way that I hadn’t before. This is the part of the law of attraction that I have experienced as true. If I focus my attention on having loving supporting community,  when the opportunities for that appear, I am more likely to notice and engage. If I am determined that the world is filled with jerks, I won’t notice the same opportunity for loving community. It just won’t show up on my radar. Just as I never paid much attention to the fences.

The part of the law of attraction that I don’t agree with, is the sometimes magical thinking that if I just do this positive thinking really well, some being will grant my wishes and I’ll live happily ever after.

I’m all for being clear about what’s important to you. But that’s just the first step. Then you have to take action! Let’s say you don’t want to be surrounded by grumpy people at your job. First, visualize what a harmonious work environment would look and feel like. Then practice only acting and speaking in ways that are in alignment with that vision. Even if you can’t gracefully exit the conversation, you do not have to add your own woes. Consider little ways to make someone’s day, engage others in your shift the attitude venture. When you are focused on what you want, you are able to identify and nurture the sparks of it as they appear. They have been there all along.

This applies to everything. Want more money? Start with a grateful attitude for what you have. Recognize the cup of coffee your friend buys you as proof of your abundance and be grateful. That same cup of coffee could be seen as something your friend bought because they think you’re poor. The more you notice, the more there is, not because some magical being blessed you, but because you blessed you by being receptive to your good.

Now there is one more little thing we must discuss. People want to know why something bad happened and how they attracted it. I say things happen, the rains fall on the just and the unjust. There is not much one can do to positive think themselves out of a storm whipping through the whole county. It’s not anyone’s fault a car fell on their house. But now what? This is when you truly get to create your reality. How will I respond to this adversity. Will I do my best to keep calm and help where I can? Will this episode be the cornerstone of the tale of an unfair life, or of how neighborhood became a family?

When it comes down to it, we’re always looking for fences, (the outward signs of what we’re focused on) the question, and our responsibility, is to be aware of which fence posts we’re looking for.

Cheering you on,


PS here’s another fence pic I took