Lavender Wands ~Instructions with pics

10 Jul

No, I don’t usually post this kind of thing here, however, it seemed the easiest way to give text and pictures, so here goes:

Start with freshly cut lavender. I’m not sure yet how many days you have after it’s cut, but it still has to be able to bend and not break.

Select 9 stems and pull off any leaves or flowers below the main part of the blooms. It has to be an odd number to work right, 9 seems to look the best.

step 1

When you have them mostly lined up, tie a ribbon around the stems and get the flowers nestled up nice and close to the ribbon.

Now you flip it over and pull a stem down over your ribbon. (see why you need fresh stems?) the next stem should be under the ribbon and on you go over and under around your flower bunch.



Just keep going around. If you have a problem with your pattern, you either started with an even number of stems or you goofed up your pattern somewhere


As you’re going around, try to keep your ribbon as close to the ribbon above as you can, this keeps the flower buds inside even if they fall off the stem.

When you get near the end of the buds, you have to make a choice, one is to just wrap your ribbon around a few times and tie off.


Or you can make a pretty wand handle by wrapping the ribbon around and down the stems.IMAG4935I like to add a loop for easy hanging and then tie off.


Now all that’s left is to trim the stems and hang somewhere!

8 and done

If it’s been hanging there a while and you would like more scent, just give the bud area a squeeze or two. Enjoy!


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