15 years

2 Jul

Fifteen years after I graduated from high school I found myself in my parent’s attic, sorting thru the treasures of my childhood. Some things brought the laughter of remembrance while being chucked in the goodwill, recycle or trash pile. Others were too precious to go just yet.

Nametags from kids camp, badges from square dance competition, programs from endless shows and concerts. Plus of letters sent through the mail, pics, pics and more pics. An invite to participate in world day of prayer from 1995, YOU and square dance newsletters, years of birthday cards.

15 years ago so much of this was the essential fabric of my life.  Today a relatively easy choice to keep or release.

My mom kept me company for part of my time travels, hauling down the ladder my piles of released stuff. Two of my closest pals from that time, who after a time in the wilderness have each found their way back into my world, (or maybe that’s in reverse) kept me company as well. I took pictures of the treasures I found and sent them off with glee, anticipating the burn it or post it response.

15 years. In some ways I don’t understand how it could have been that long. Kadie is as artistic and funny as always, Zeb is, well, Zebtastic, and I still believe in changing the world. But then, it also feels like it’s been a million years, we are those kids we see in the pictures, but so much more that. The way we are in the real world is more like who we were in private with our buddies back then.

I like to think that 15 years ago Rachel would be pretty amazed at my life, think it obvious that I was here at Unity Village in school (even if 15 years ahead of schedule) and of course be delighted that I was still hanging with Kadie and Zeb.

And some people and places have fallen away, sometimes prematurely, sometimes holding on longer than was healthy. Always lessons, and an attic full of reminders. Reminders of a moment in time of honest and true love and caring that passed between people in that moment.

I guess sometimes the path that our life takes isn’t what we expected, but it still makes perfect sense when we get to the right perspective point.

15 years, wow. So grateful for the journey and my fellow travelers.

What will the next 15 years hold?

ps. I’m posting this from my phone at some point I may add pics of which I speak.

(this is something I drew up back in the day… one of these days I’ll get out the scanner and really cause some havoc 🙂


One Response to “15 years”

  1. Corri August 21, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    This is even fun pared down to a year or so. I was looking at a journal from a couple of years ago and noting how far along I have (or have not) come toward my various plans/dreams/goals. Sometimes I even look at an early entry and think, “Who wrote this?! – and where was I while she was inhabiting my body…” hmmm

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