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27 Apr

Yes, I am back. For a while there I was having some pretty fun blog ideas, but I was making myself do homework instead, then when the term was over I had fallen out of the habit. A touch of hectic life and writers block smooshed together.

This weekend had originally been scheduled to have many things going on, and I was and continue to be grateful that there was some cancellations that happened. So even though there is this and that on my list, I decided that I really needed to take the time to head over to Creative Nectar Studio for some process painting. I have talked about the process and a previous experience here. Part of the adventure is to be open and not try to think ahead what I might paint or what it ‘should’ be.

As we began I chose some colors and stood before my paper open to where to start, as the paint first touched down I immersed in the flower that was emerging. Stephanie came around to check on everyone and I said to her, ‘Today I needed to paint something beautiful.’ As she left it really resonated with me how true that was. There is some not so pretty things going on in my world, and I needed that freshness, the life.

The thought of putting words on paintings is a little risque and exhilarating but it became clear to me that the blue paint I had not touched yet was there for words. So I started with Today is for… beauty and I went on from there adding words as I painted. When Stephanie came around again, i told her that this was my manifesto for the day, and then for every day. I realized that I really needed to take a day, now that some of the hectic stuff is paused for a moment to just choose to not engage it the stuff that stresses me. I emailed someone I was supposed to have a phone call with and said, I just need to take a day when I’m not thinking about this topic. And it was OK to ask for that. I am not advocating ignoring important things that need to be handled, but just that it’s ok, for me, today, to just not. To take a day off. To paint, to write a blog, to hang out with a friend, to goof off. I might even do some homework and email responding. I’m choosing to ignore for the day the things that must be done that annoy me and know I will handle it with more grace tomorrow.

How refreshing.

So here’s my painting:

There are other little insights that happened along the way, but that’s enough for now. Time to chill.