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24 Dec

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my kind of friends

19 Dec

I saw this magnet today:quote

it says: ‘Friendship is when people know all about you but like you anyway.’ ~ Anonymous.

This holiday season I am feeling so blessed by my relationships. My cup runneth over with wonderful people.

And so I write a list about friendship.

Have the kind of friends who know all about you and like you because of what they know.

Have the kind of friends who you are happy to see every day. When you see them coming, you find yourself smiling, because here comes someone who loves you. Sure you have hiccups, but the care you have for each other gets you through.

Have the kind of friends that even if you don’t see them for months you pick up right were you were. Sometimes time or distance can strain a relationship, but deep in your heart you are connected as if you just hung out yesterday.

Have the kind of friends who you can call/text with a random question and they answer without need for explanation. Sometimes you just need to know what kind of shoe you preferred to wear in high school, that’s not something you can google that’s where the text a friend feature comes in.

Have the kind of friends who you can laugh with for hours. Laughter is the best medicine. You know it’s been a good day when your abs hurt from laughing.

Have the kind of friends that you can be quiet with. Nobody pushing to ‘fake it’.

Have the kind of friends who you can call crying and will drop what they’re doing to listen.

Have the kind of friends that you can get excited and loud with.

Have the kind of friends who don’t always get why a certain thing is exciting or important to you, but indulges you and never makes you feel stupid. We all have our ‘things’ wouldn’t it be great if everyone could feel supported to be themselves in their own quirky way? Yeah, that’s the kind of friend to be.

Have the kind of friends that you would want with you if you had to wait in line all day at the DMV. That’s right, the ultimate of people watching experiences and uninspiring decor, would you have the whole waiting room laughing on the floor, or dancing the macerana?

Have the kind of friends who get along with your other loved ones. It’s good to have the BFF’s get along, that way the more the merrier!

I am full of gratitude to have these kinds of friends.



PS What would you add to the list?

the opposite of love

1 Dec

We’ve probably all been there, in a group conversation, maybe not fully engaged and then BAM! You hear something that sticks to you like fresh gum to your new sneakers.

Today’s topic happened to be God’s love, the anti-Christ, and a touch of Revelation. (don’t ask, just assume I spend a lot of time around people who talk about ‘churchy’ kind of stuff.) The thing that I heard that rocked my world in that moment was something like this:

‘If God is love and the Anti-Christ is the opposite of God, than that is the opposite of love, so every time we are acting out of fear and hate, we are worshiping the anti-Christ.’ 

Another way to say it would be that in every moment we have the choice to choose to trust God or not. And yes, somewhere about here we could dissect what we mean by all those theologically loaded words, but I’m not gonna go there, because I mean a one presence one power everywhere present God, and that’s all I have to say about it.

But back to the real topic. I get to choose to be fearful or not about whatever is going on. If I am experiencing physical pain, I can play thru all the scenarios that are the worst case, or I can take the time to rest and rejuvenate, taking time to bless and appreciate my body. Maybe I seek medical or spiritual support in easing my pain. All or some of these things may be necessary for me to feel better, but nowhere in the equation is fear, worry or hate required.

Many times I have felt myself lean towards being fearful around money, or more specifically, the lack of having enough of it. When I heard those words, that fear was worshiping the anti-Christ it really struck me. If I have fear of not having sufficient funds, how can I be walking a path of faith? Not that we shouldn’t be prudent and mindful of our budget, but we should also be mindful of the place from which we make our choices. Is it one of fear or one of being a good steward and giving thanks?

Now don’t get all over-metaphyzzie on me, I’m not saying we don’t all have times when we’re wavering, according to the bible writers, even Jesus had his ‘moments.’ I am grateful for the conversation I heard today, because I know, next time I have a ‘moment’ I will be reminded, where am I putting my faith? Love or fear?

Lotsa Love,