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12 Nov

The Pilgrim season is winding down now that fall is really kicking in. What you say? Thanksgiving is still 2 weeks away!

yeah sure of course… That’s not the kind of Pilgrims I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the folks who make a pilgrimage to Unity Village.

In my role at the Unity Village bookstore I meet a lot of the people who have ‘just arrived.’ Their stories range from ‘last time I was here was 30 years ago’ to ‘I have been getting daily word for years and I was in Kansas City on vacation’ or the very popular ‘I’ve been going to Unity for 20 years and have always wanted to visit.’ These are the stories I hear every day, and I love it every time. I love sharing Unity Village and telling them the insider places to visit.

This week I’ve met two folks whose stories are different than the above ones, though not unusual. Neither of these folks had any idea they would be standing in my presence at the Village a week or even a couple of days before they were here. Since I don’t have permission to share their stories, I will tell you in general that they both had choice points, major life kind of stuff, and they followed their gut/wisdom/spirit. When they made that choice they both had another choice, which brought them each to Unity Village.

People come here for all sorts of reasons, to be healed, to learn, to find themselves, to teach, to ‘go apart for a while’. Sometimes people don’t know why they are here. (And there is of course the folks who are looking for the retirement village down the road)

I enjoy all the pilgrims, I love their excitement to be here, their wide-eyed wonder. But I do have a favorite. They are the ones who have taken a leap of faith to show up here. Maybe it’s taking a huge step to authenticity and accepting an invitation, maybe it’s moving here because once you visit you have to stay, maybe it’s taking a class though your calling to leadership scares the bejezus out of you.

It is always a compelling story, I am inspired by these fresh faith-filled folks. Maybe my preference for them is because they remind me of my own journey to Unity. It’s been an adventure for sure, and I’ve run through every feeling you could imagine. And yet I continue to take the leap and find that the next step is always there.

I hope that I am a helpful step on each of these pilgrims journeys. Sometimes they return again and again and become friends. Most of them I will probably not see again after they walk out the door. I wish them all well, I know no matter how accidental it seems, there is a blessing in their arrival here.

This is true for all our lives journeys. There is a blessing in each thing, no matter how accidental. The other option is that nothing is a blessing, and I can’t get on board with that.

These faith filled folks are open and ready for the blessing, they are ready for something amazing, they seek it out and grab on with all they have. They are an inspiration.

Be the Blessing, live the Blessing, claim the blessing.