to whine or not to whine

30 Sep

I’ve started a blog challenge with my buddy Ogun. Both of us were finding ourselves not blogging much so we decided that we would each blog once a week or suffer the consequences (writing a blog on whatever topic the other chooses.)

I like blogging, I even have a bunch of ideas, but even though those ideas will turn into awesome blogs someday, I don’t like to write about something if I don’t have a bunch of juice about it in the moment. So here I am, 10:34 PM on the last night of the blog challenge week.

The idea that came to me earlier today to write about sounds whiny in my head, so I’m putting it on the shelf.

And that’s now what is scurrying around in my mind. How we edit ourselves.

A situation that happened yesterday has got me a little charged up, I could whip out my keyboard and share my tirade with the world. Plenty of people do it. But I am choosing to not. Why?

(more scurrying around going on in my brain)

It’s not that I want to pretend that I don’t get peeved by things, ( I can tell you all about slow drivers on Noland Rd) but more, can I look at this situation with a sense of perspective and humor? When I can do that, see the part bigger than what’s poking at me, then I can share my new (possibly brilliant) insight with the world.

I don’t claim to be a perfect example of this, but I aspire to contribute in life affirming ways not in life depleting ways to the world. Really, what’s more useful, my rant or my insight?

So, if I feel a need to share, I do so, with a friend or two who can help take the edge off my emotional attachment.  I stop and ask myself, what’s getting triggered here? What is the bigger picture I’m not seeing?

Oh yeah, and I breathe… Lots of that.

One of my bumper stickers reads: inner peace creates global peace. That’s what it’s about kids, always bringing back to center, bringing peace to myself so that I can show up in the world that way.

Maybe the situation from yesterday will show up in a future post, and maybe it won’t. In the mean-time, go out there and be the peace and love you wish to see.



PS go read Ogun’s blog


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