Keeper of the memories

24 Sep

“If your house was on fire and all the people and pets were already safe, and you could get one thing out, what would you get?”

This was the question posed to us by Rev Robin this summer in our storytelling class. While the others in the class pondered, my first and final answer was Frosty, my beloved teddy bear. (I assumed my phone was already in my pocket)

I got Frosty for Christmas when I was 9, she has traveled with my family on road trips, with me on planes to YOU conference, and still I take her to YOU events.

This is Frosty already in my pillowcase getting ready to head to a YOU event.

Maybe it’s silly for someone who is in their 30’s to be hauling their teddy bear around. (Frosty say’s it’s not ;-)) Obviously I get that it’s a stuffed bear, but to me, she’s the keeper of the memories.

She has been the ‘heart’ in heart talks, the pillow on airplanes, she sports a NW YOU rally bead necklace, and has been passed around at more than one rally to make it back to me only at the very end. Sometimes a person just needs a hug and she’s always been there. And maybe it’s as simple as that. Of all the ‘things’ in my house, she’s got the most emotional importance. She has been hugged by many of my favorite people and I will never forget my dad zipping her in his jacket to keep the rain off her… when I was 17…

So, I pick Frosty. Which makes me wonder: what are your beloved items and why are they such?

Frosty and I say goodnight.

PS, I Frosty has a sidekick, Paco,

who goes with me in my back pack on my non-YOU traveling adventures, usually is chilling on my car dash and at YOU events often takes a pocket of my bag for his. I’ve had him since I was 17, and he was given to me by my dear friend Zeb. Paco and Frosty have both had quite a number of adventures, they would be happy to tell you all about them sometime…


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