18,000 beloveds

19 Aug

Wow, it’s been a packed couple weeks.

The first week of August was the IYOU event that I helped out with, the first weekend of August was the YOU reunion which I facilitated and the following week was the Next Gen of SEE week. To wrap it up simply, it was two weeks filled to the brim with being surrounded by wonderful folks.

Then as everyone was departing on Saturday, my sweetie Ben and I headed to the Farm Aid concert in KCK. (that’s Kansas City, Kansas)

Farm Aid is an all day affair and we got there part-way through the line up due to other commitments. We had a pretty good perch to enjoy the show and the crowd.

Between acts was a great time for crowd watching, and kept thinking I saw out of the corner of my eye Nick, or Zeb, or John, or Sara, or Dave and Danielle or any of the other folks I spent the last week with. I would then remind myself that they were all on their way back to their homes across the country and not here at the concert with me.

I mentioned this to Ben, and then I said, ‘I see my beloveds everywhere.’

Oh yeah, what a great blog/talk!

I had just gotten to spend time with some of my favorite folks, but does that mean that the guy with the hat just like Dave’s is any less my beloved? Just because I don’t know him? In the spirit of Namaste, the divinity in me honoring the divinity in you, I would say the answer is no. And in the bigger sense, do I need to even know you to know you are my beloved? Again, I vote no.

The quality of the music we heard was mind-blowing, no doubt, but my favorite between the music performer was Jason Mraz. The first thing he said was hello family. I’ve heard my fellow youth ministry leaders say this, but to hear a well known musician say this to a stadium of fans warmed my heart especially when he followed that with introducing his on stage companion as his brother by choice.  He then sang “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” as a reminder of what Farm Aid is about, taking care of our neighbors.

While I made this grand revelation, that I see my beloved everywhere, the general energy of the whole concert was in that same vein, supporting farmers and each other. What if we could all see each other all the time that way, as our neighbors, our beloveds, someone to help out and do what we can to support.



Maybe for Willie Nelson and company throwing a big concert every year to raise awareness and money is the way to make the world a better place, and no doubt that it helps, and while throwing a concert big enough for 18,00 people to show up may be in my future plans, I’ll focus on what is do-able right this moment.

So that is my challenge to myself and all of you. See your beloved in everyone and help out how you can.

Til next time my beloveds,


PS (Neil Young would want me to remind you to buy local and organic)


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