In the eye of the beholder?

25 Jul

I was out on the Unity Village golf course today playing a few holes since it’s been too hot to be out there lately. (for those of you who didn’t know I played, that’s because it’s a recent development. )

Of course I can’t help myself and take pretty pictures of the sunset through

the pecan grove.

Then I looked over at the main campus and, as often happens, was washed over

with joy and awe of how beautiful it is.

But that got me thinking, is it beautiful because on my emotional connection to this place? Is the architecture nice but only is stunning to me because it is the symbol of my homeland and is the backdrop for a countless ever-growing pile of memories?

The tower itself, at night, is lit just right to cut a hard line against the soft night sky that

is powerful and strong. I love looking t it and photographing it. The high arches and open observation deck, mysterious and unique.

In a study, scientists discovered that people like what’s familiar. That makes sense, we are drawn to things that feel comfortable, we avoid that which looks, sounds or feels different.

But I”m not completely sold. I think our emotional attachment has a role to play as well.  Who hasn’t been ‘asked’ to look at photos (or videos) of someone’s grandkids. It doesn’t matter what that kid looks like, they are the cutest baby in the world and probably has features that ‘look just like  so and so.’ Even right after being born, the emotional attachment of the adult is where the cuteness comes from.

Maybe I see the beauty of the Village because I’m emotionally attached, maybe it’s  because it is very very familiar.

Or, maybe it’s not just me…

Be Beautiful!


PS here is the fountains with a rainbow from this morning. 


One Response to “In the eye of the beholder?”

  1. Laura Berry July 26, 2011 at 9:20 pm #

    Your pictures are beautiful,. Good photographers don’t just push a button; they stop to recognize and appreciate beauty. I love how a photographer’s perspective, and often emotion, is reflected in their images.

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