My kind of community

16 Jul

A couple things have happened in the last week or two that together are compelling me to write about them.

I was chatting with a young friend the other day and told her of the epic short notice move of Jenny’s studio last week. My friend said, ‘Wow, it’s really great that you all helped her out.’ I said simply, ‘that’s the kind of community I want to be a part of.’ That’s the the clearest way to say it too. I’m not keeping track, the next time Jenny needs to move her studio, I’ll be there if I can, same for anyone else. They have done the same for me. Not always with moving stuff, but in co-creating for ourselves a world that is better because each other is in it.

Sure it’s not a new idea, it wasn’t that long ago that the whole town came together to raise the roof of a barn or home. Some communities still do it, but for many of us being in community shows up in different ways.

Dumbledore says in an early Harry Potter book, “Help is always given at Hogwarts to those who ask.” Sometimes being willing to ask for help, or even offer help takes some bravery. This statement though is a reflection of the community I want to be a part of.

As a disclaimer, I also believe in being clear of your boundaries and saying no when it’s right. But that can also be done in love and not separate from supporting one another.

This is about showing up to be in the flow of life and love and service. Giving for the joy of giving, not because you know you will receive, even though that is also true.

Today in the bookstore I was chatting with a lady and guitars came up and I told her I had found a youtube video of one of the members of Lady Antebellum teaching how to play Need you Now. I thought it was cool to see it right from the source, but she pointed out another aspect of it. She, being of the Boomer generation, mused about how different the world was becoming. She said that it used to be that people didn’t just up and share the ‘family secrets’ like that. Now sure, that’s a broad brush, but I do see  she’s talking about. Are we  shifting from a patent pending culture to an open source culture?

I think that we are becoming each day more of a global community. The question becomes less and less about what can I gain, and instead, how can I make the world better?

I’m sure you all can come up with truckfuls of examples of individuals and groups stepping up to make a life, a community and the world a better place.

This, really, is why I want to be a minister. I don’t try to think even for a minute that I have some great answer, I just want to show up as authentic me and hope that maybe someone will be inspired to love more, serve more, discover in them a better way to ‘do’ life. Sometimes, no, all the time, that someone is me.

This is my community, won’t you join me?


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